The Weekly Kiki #3: Coaches Interviews with Ian and Alison!

Sunday 25 October 2020

Dear Readers,  

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend! This week I interviewed our lovely coaches, Ian MacCallum and Alison Rintoul, about all things water polo. Have a read and enjoy!  


1. How did you end up coaching the Saints Water Polo Team?

IAN: “I moved to St Andrews from Edinburgh and was asked by one member of the men’s team to help coach one session, the rest is history !” 

ALISON: “Mr Mac (Ian) asked me over to the dark side when the Club was growing, after coaching swimming for so long it was time for a different challenge.” 



2. What inspired/ignited your love for water polo?

IAN: I used to be a swimmer and my club started up a junior water polo team. I tried out and found it much more fun than swimming.” 

ALISON: The team-spirit, how such a small group made up of complete novices and experienced players gel together and work as a team with no negativity towards less experienced players.”


3. Did you play water polo at University/how did you get involved with the sport?

IAN: I hate to admit it, but I played at Edinburgh University where I was men’s Captain and Club President. I also captained the British Students team at the World Student Games in Zagreb”  

ALISON: No, I was a swimmer – Started at Step Rock in 1973 when I was four

and still coach there when needed. No math’s please – yes, I’m old.”



4. What are some of your favorite memories of the team?

IAN: As a club, our trips to Lanzarote and Eger were great fun. The men winning the BUCS trophy was incredible and the Women winning the BUCS Championship 👍” 

ALISON: Well obviously, winning BUCS but also a lot of first time goals from students who have never played before, the team cheering for that is awesome.”



5. What are some of your goals for how the team can evolve and grow in the future?

IAN: Would like our team to live up to our values of having fun, working hard and showing respect and lets see how far that takes us…” 

ALISON: Dreaming here of a Water Polo-designed pool where we could use both ends to practice shooting/saving… and have 2 Women’s teams, 2 Men’s teams, and a beginners group…” 


6. What is your favorite swim set/drill and why? 🙂

IAN: It could be twin peaks or 10 x 100’s 😊😊 but it actually is relay races ! I love seeing everyone cheering each other on and some healthy competition” 

ALISON: “Defo not Twin Peaks…. I just got bored as a swimmer doing this, much prefer sprinting. Fav Drill: – legs with jugs – I understand all the hatred, but it pays off during game days…”




7. If you had the power to change one of the rules of water polo across the entire world what would you change and why?

IAN: I would like holding to be made a major foul, it would be great to see more movement in the game and the skillful players being given the opportunity to showcase their talents.” 

ALISON: VAR (video assistant referees)– we’ve been robbed a few times!” 



8. What are you most looking forward to this year with the Saints Team?

IAN: Sticking together through the pandemic, having fun, working hard and getting to play some games.”

ALISON: Playing a game would be awesome, we have some real talent in the team and everyone including coaches can learn from them.” 


Thank you for indulging in the Weekly Kiki this week and I hope you enjoyed reading as well as learning about our amazing coaches Ian and Alison. Also, I wanted to thank  Ian and Alison for supporting us students, encouraging us to do and be our best selves, and devoting so much time and energy to the program– we all appreciate it so much.  


Stay tuned for next week’s edition of the Weekly Kiki! It’s going to be very juicy


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