Saints 1A win match up against Glasgow

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Saints womens 1a team faced a return match against Glasgow today looking to avenge the narrow one goal loss in the previous fixture. The game was very tight in the opening period. With Saints goalkeeper Maya Srinivasan in top form it was Elle Futernick and Brynn Walsh who gave saints a narrow 2-0 lead. It was however, the second quarter that proved decisive. Saints found the back of the Glasgow net five times courtesy of a fine double from Caitlin Boyne , tow more from Captain Brynn Walsh and another from Elle Futernick gave Saints a strong 7-1 advantage at the half. Saints could smell victory and they controlled the second half with further goals from Walsh, Futternick, Boyne and Maya Weerasinghe. The final score of 14-4 gives Saints a real chance to win the Scottish 1A league meaning St Andrews would have won both the Premier League and 1A in the same season, something that has not been done before.

Saints were: Maya Srinivasan, Amelia Downs, Amelia fletcher, Brynn Walsh, lidia Toth, Maya Weerasinghe, Caitlin Boyne, Ruby Brown, kiki Szemraj and Elle Futernick

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