The synergies between both sporting pursuit and educational achievement can be traced back to the fifteenth century when golf was first played in St Andrews and Scotland’s first university was founded in 1413. Today the University continues to make sport central to the student experience, and we pride ourselves on our students’ ability to excel in both their academic and sporting endeavours.

Sport scholarships

Our sport scholarship programme supports exceptional student athletes from around the world to achieve sporting and academic excellence whilst studying at the University of St Andrews. As a World leading Academic institution, we pride ourselves on our ability to attract the brightest minds from across the world. With a significant investment in sport over recent years we are also now able to attract some of the best student athletes.


Adding a postgraduate qualification from St Andrews to your undergraduate degree is an exciting and attractive prospect for many students. We offer financial support to those who wish to continue their sport at a high level whilst furthering their education at the UK’s top University.

There are no eligibility restrictions on playing sport and representing the University whilst studying for a postgraduate qualification at St Andrews.

We offer various sport scholarships for applicants to full-time postgraduate programmes:

EU and Rest of the world


The Performance Sport programme aims to support the very best athletes at St Andrews who aspire to compete at international level and allows students to gain a world-class education while competing at the highest level of University Sport.

Services available within the Water Polo programme include:

  • Performance and individual technique video analysis
  • Director of Water Polo with international playing and coaching experience
  • Personalised sport specifc strength and conditioning programme
  • Individual development plans
  • Sport psychology support
  • Access to physiotherapy and injury prevention support
  • International pre-season
  • Summer training programme
  • Personalised nutritional guidance

Exceptional students may also apply for a Scott Lang High Performance award. Our High Performance Athlete Awards are student-athlete focussed and designed to support those individuals competing at national level, or equivalent, in their sporting discipline.

How to apply

You can find out more about the University’s Sports Scholarships on the Saints Sport website.

For information about water polo specific scholarships please get in touch with Director of Water Polo, Ian MacCallum: